Is your loved one’s special occasion coming up and you are running out of ideas on what gift to give? If they love art, then why not give them a painting? These not only make great gifts, but also wonderful mementos.

Paintings and Pure and Realistic

You might have heard of the popular saying “Pictures speak louder than words”. The same goes for any type of painting. Paintings are here to stay unlike, other gifts. They will never get old or replaced and you will never get bored of them. They can be hung on your walls for decades, thereby enhancing the beauty of any room.

If you are looking for exquisite artwork to gift someone, then you can check out Lana’s artworks. The variety of painting styles she adopts brings life to her paintings. Some of her works include portraits, still life, animals, and landscapes. If you want something unique for your loved ones, then this painting artist also offers commission works.

Gifting a painting to someone brings out your true intentions. If you gift perfumes, or watches they might use them for a few days and switch over to other products. Spending huge amounts of money on such expensive items only to have them used for a limited time is not worth it.  

You need not have to spend a bomb on expensive paintings. You can gift your loved ones anything that matches their personality, their hobbies, or their interests. If they love art and have a particular subject they like, you might want to get paintings on those lines.

Paintings Show Your Thoughtfulness

If you are still wondering why paintings make a great gift, then the below reasons might help you get a better insight. Some of the benefits of gifting paintings are:

  • Paintings uplift your mood
  • It helps you feel positive
  • They make you feel special that someone invested their time searching for the perfect painting
  • They never run out of fashion
  • You can gift any type of paintings such as acrylic, oil, charcoal, portrait
  • It reaches out to a different level of emotion
  • You need not have to worry about your budget
  • It is versatile
  • It requires no maintenance
  • Handmade paintings add a personal touch

You can customize paintings as per people’s nature. If you are preparing a gift for your friend, you can make it a memorable one such as your first trip together, your first memory of each other, and many more. If you are gifting it to your parents or the elderly, you can gift paintings of their childhood, the place that holds a special place in their heart, etc.

Another benefit of gifting paintings is that you need not have to wonder whether the gift is too expensive or too economical for their liking. Expensive or inexpensive paintings will have the same impact as it portrays your feelings through the painting.


Your friends and family will always remember you when they see the painting hanging on the wall. The smile that will be put on their face will be priceless when compared to all the other gifts you have given them.

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