Drooping flowers in a lovely bouquet can be devastating, especially if they hold special emotional significance to you. But suppose we told you that their splendor and your recollections of them need not fade away with time?

Transforming your beloved flowers into a brand-new and intriguing form is a great approach to accomplish this. Imagine drying, pressing, and other similar processes. Read on to learn how to give your flowers a second chance at life, whether you want to keep your wedding or anniversary flowers forever, a bouquet from a date, or your rose garden indoors for the winter.

Here Are Four Methods You May Use To Keep Your Flowers Fresh For Longer.

For the best results with any of the below techniques, drying should begin as soon as possible, ideally before the buds have fully opened.

Drying By Air

By drying the flowers and foliage individually, you can preserve your arrangement quickly.

After 3 or 4 hours, take the bouquet’s stems from the water. Towels can help them dry off. Remove weeds and secure fragile stems.

Dry them upside down in a dry, cold place. Hanging it upside down helps keep the tips full and luscious.

Stems dry out and change shape, so bind them to a line with a bendable elastic band. Direct sunshine will fade the colors, so hang them separately to preserve their shape.


Pressing is an age-old technique that works wonderfully for preserving single, delicate blooms. Keep in mind that this technique works best with flowers and stems that are flat.

Get rid of the extra leaves and trim your flower to perfection. If you’re using a flower press, just keep going in the manner specified by the gadget. If not, then have no fear! Find something substantial, like a hardcover book, and press it down on it.

Silica Sand

Silica sand, or silica gel, helps preserved flowers look realistic. It preserves the flower’s shape, color, and integrity.

Silica sand can be used to preserve flowers in two different ways. If you’re in a hurry, you can dry flowers in the microwave.

Fill a basin with silica sand. Cover the bloom with sand to preserve it. Allow this to sit for a week, and it will dry up.

If you want your flower to dry faster, place it in a basin with hot water in the microwave. Microwave the bloom for 30 seconds until dry. Spend a day in silica sand.


Flowers preserved in resin must first be dried using one of the aforementioned techniques. Get your protection gear on, including a mask and gloves, before you begin working with the resin.

Then, pour some resin into the mold of your choosing, making sure not to overfill it. Place the flowers and any other embellishments in the mold using the tweezers, and then fill the mold to the top with resin. Use a toothpick to puncture any air bubbles that may have formed. Wait around for a full day so the resin can harden.

Infuse Your Flowers With The Essence Of Eternity.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to preserve your favorite blooms for all time. Take a look at the new Rockdale florist collection if you adore the beauty of dried flowers and leaves but don’t have the time to make it yourself. Get a beautiful bouquet for a special someone, or buy one for yourself.

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