We appreciate your interest in collaborating with us on this writing project. Ebusinessnames.com.au is a website that offers brief articles about human rights tactics, statistics, academic research, and conundrums. We are an open-source, worldwide resource that is available in several languages and is committed to advancing activities related to human rights by linking and amplifying a broad variety of voices throughout the ecosystem. Any author with an interest in human rights study, advocacy, or practice is welcome to submit their work for consideration, and the conversation that we foster is multinational, multicultural, and interdisciplinary. You should read the following rules very carefully and then submit a proposal if you want to contribute your expertise, experience, or viewpoint toward achieving this aim. Please be aware that the EBUSINESSNAMES.COM.AU is unable to give honorariums or remuneration for contributions owing to the limits imposed by their budget.

Although English is our primary working language, we are open to receiving entries in any language. If you submit something in a language that we are unable to read, we will have to find someone who can describe the item to us so that we can determine whether or not it aligns with our goals. If this is the case, one of two things will happen: either we will modify an English-translated version or then back-translated it, or we will work directly in the language that you submitted it in.

Writing Guidelines

EBUSINESSNAMES.COM.AU articles are written with a broad and international readership in mind; hence, we frequently convert them into several languages. When you are working on the draft of your article, please keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Limit your contribution to between 800 and 1000 words at the most.
  • Write straightforwardly and straightforwardly; use short phrases; take into consideration readers and translators who are working in other languages; use a minimum of academic, technical, or legal jargon;
  • Make sure the most vital information is presented first.
  • Always speak in an active tone. Examine the differences between the active and passive voice in this section.
  • Include backup for your arguments in the form of hyperlinks to publicly available sources. There will be no footnotes or endnotes published by our company.
  • If at all feasible, include links to materials written in English or another language that is widely spoken.
  • Give some background information, and don’t assume that the readers already know anything about your nation or your subject.

When it is relevant to do so, you should hyperlink to previously published EBUSINESSNAMES.COM.AU articles.

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