Finding a reliable moving company is crucial to ensuring a smooth and stress-free relocation experience. In today’s digital age, there are numerous ways to gather feedback and reviews about moving companies to help you make informed decisions.

However, not all feedback is created equal, and it’s important to know where and how to find reliable and trustworthy information.

 This guide explores various methods and strategies to find credible feedback for moving companies, ensuring you choose a reputable provider for your next move.

Understanding the Importance of Reliable Feedback

Before diving into the methods of finding feedback, it’s essential to understand why reliable feedback is crucial:

  1. Quality Assurance: Reviews and feedback from previous customers provide insights into the service quality, reliability, and professionalism of moving companies.
  2. Risk Mitigation: Choosing a reputable moving company reduces the risk of potential issues such as damage to belongings, delays, or hidden fees.
  3. Peace of Mind: Positive feedback can instill confidence in your choice of moving company, while negative feedback can serve as a warning to avoid unreliable providers.

1. Online Review Platforms

Online review platforms are popular sources of feedback for moving companies. Websites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, and Angie’s List aggregate customer reviews and ratings. Here’s how to effectively use these platforms:

  • Read Recent Reviews: Focus on recent reviews rather than solely relying on overall ratings. Recent reviews are more likely to reflect current service quality.
  • Check Responses: Pay attention to how companies respond to reviews, particularly negative ones. A responsive and proactive approach can indicate good customer service.
  • Compare Ratings: Compare ratings across different platforms to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a moving company’s reputation.

2. Social Media Channels

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can provide valuable feedback about moving companies. Here’s how to leverage social media for reliable feedback:

  • Search Company Profiles: Visit the official social media profiles of moving companies to read customer reviews and comments.
  • Engage with Customers: Engage with customers who have shared their experiences to gather more detailed feedback.
  • Join Groups and Forums: Join local community groups or forums where residents share recommendations and experiences related to moving companies.

3. Recommendations from Friends and Family

Personal recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues can be highly reliable sources of feedback. Here’s how to gather recommendations effectively:

  • Ask for Specific Experiences: Inquire about their experiences with moving companies, including what they liked and any areas for improvement.
  • Get Referrals: Request referrals to moving companies that provide exceptional service and meet their expectations.
  • Consider Local Knowledge: Recommendations from locals who have moved within the same area can be particularly insightful.

4. Professional Moving Associations

Professional moving associations and organizations often provide directories of accredited moving companies. Here’s how to utilize these resources:

  • Check Accreditation: Verify if a moving company is a member of reputable associations such as the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) or the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA).
  • Access Member Directories: Use member directories provided by associations to find moving companies that adhere to industry standards and ethical practices.

5. Online Forums and Communities

Online forums and community websites dedicated to moving and relocation can offer candid feedback from individuals who have recently moved. Here’s how to use these platforms:

  • Search for Discussions: Look for threads or discussions related to moving experiences and recommendations for moving companies.
  • Ask for Advice: Participate in discussions or post inquiries to seek advice and feedback from forum members.
  • Verify Information: Cross-check information from multiple contributors to ensure accuracy and reliability.

6. Consumer Protection Agencies

Consumer protection agencies and government bodies often provide resources and feedback on businesses, including moving companies. Here’s how to access their information:

  • Check Regulatory Websites: Visit websites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Consumer Affairs, or local consumer protection agencies.
  • Review Complaints: Check for any complaints or disciplinary actions against moving companies to assess their track record.
  • Understand Rights: Familiarize yourself with consumer rights and protections related to moving services provided by these agencies.

7. Review Websites Specific to Moving Companies

Several websites specialize in providing reviews and ratings specifically for moving companies. Here’s how to use these platforms effectively:

  • Research Ratings: Use platforms like,, or Transport Reviews to research and compare moving company ratings.
  • Read Detailed Reviews: Look for detailed reviews that provide insights into specific aspects of the moving process, such as packing, transportation, and customer service.
  • Filter Search Results: Utilize search filters to narrow down options based on location, services offered, and customer feedback.

8. Local Business Directories and Reviews

Local business directories and review websites often feature moving companies alongside other service providers. Here’s how to utilize these resources:

  • Search Local Listings: Use directories like Yellow Pages or Yelp to find moving companies operating in your area.
  • Read Verified Reviews: Look for verified customer reviews that have been authenticated by the platform to ensure reliability.
  • Contact References: Request references from moving companies and contact previous customers directly to gather feedback.

9. Conducting Background Checks

Once you’ve gathered feedback from various sources, consider conducting additional checks to verify the reliability of moving companies:

  • Check Licensing and Insurance: Verify if the moving company is licensed and insured to operate in your jurisdiction. This ensures compliance with legal requirements and provides financial protection.
  • Request References: Ask moving companies for references from previous customers and follow up with them to inquire about their experiences.
  • Review Contracts: Carefully review moving contracts, including terms and conditions, to understand service expectations, costs, and liability coverage.




Finding reliable feedback for moving companies involves thorough research and consideration of various sources.

By leveraging online review platforms, social media channels, personal recommendations, professional associations, consumer protection agencies, specialized review websites, and local business directories, you can gather comprehensive feedback to make informed decisions.

Remember to prioritize recent and detailed reviews that align with your specific moving needs and expectations.

Ultimately, choosing a reputable moving company based on reliable feedback will contribute to a successful and stress-free relocation experience.

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