The digital space or internet is saturated with Shopify eCommerce agencies. As a new business owner, you feel overwhelmed because each one claims to be the BEST. Nevertheless, choosing seems daunting as you don’t know which the ideal one for your project is.

First, understand the difference between Shopify partner and Shopify expert

Shopify partners is a broad term, some are only small freelancers with a basic accreditation level or smaller agencies working on the Shopify platform.

More experience partners have ‘Shopify expert’ status where agencies pass a strict vetting process. It demands a proven track record including the Shopify platform’s success stories. It means Shopify experts and have a supporting portfolio that invites clients to ‘Leverage our eCommerce expertise.’ It is suitable for large eCommerce stores usually on Shopify plus looking to integrate shipping and analytics for multiple sales channels.

Why choose Shopify partner?

If you are planning to grow your online sales, upgrading to Shopify plus or just want the confidence of an experienced agency then Alinga is your answer. Alinga are a

reliable Shopify support agency that can help you create a functional e-commerce site suitable to your customer’s needs. Here is a list of services they can offer

  • Shopify liquid theme coding
  • Theme design and development
  • SEO and eCommerce marketing
  • Support and growth retainers
  • Conversion optimisation

Shopify Plus is designed to ensure that your online store runs easily but there are specific functions that need professional support, especially when you lack experience and resources.

For example, the Shopify Plus app allows translating the website into many languages. Offering multilingual support via localization needs advanced features and code

modification. A Shopify expert partner is well-versed in the Shopify platform, so they ensure that your e-commerce store runs smoothly.

How to choose a perfect Shopify Partner?

There are some things to consider while choosing a reliable Shopify agency.


Shopify Plus agencies differ in their experience level. It is a personal decision to determine the experience level you feel comfortable with. Check their expertise to make sure it suits your project requirements.

Never limit yourself

Never spread too thin because your needs today may not be the same in the future. You may need basic features today but after some time you desire new technology integration to increase conversions. Therefore choosing professionals covering a few bases and keeping the partnership going is a good solution. Working more with the agency makes them understand your business website’s aesthetics and goals better.


Communication is crucial to ensure that the project starts with ease and not frustration. The professionals need to understand your needs and goals. Consider how rapidly they respond to messages. If the experts don’t fully grasp your needs then the possibility of an effective outcome reduces.

Read reviews

Go over past clients’ reviews on their profiles. You gain an idea of how the experience to work with the agency was, how their website is performing and did it help to increase sales. Generally, the expert Shopify agency will publish exemplary case studies, which you can check out.

Over the past 3 years, we have worked on Shopify plus and helped growing brands leverage the full power of Shopify’s enterprise ecommerce solution Alinga are Shopify partners, Shopify experts and one of the leading APAC Shopify partners.

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