There are a number of reasons why you should never go back to conventional underwear and always get period pants online instead of wearing your old, boring panties. When you wear antique underwear, your sexual life is seen in a whole different perspective that gives you a braver and freer feeling than before. You’re not doing yourself any favors if your pantie can’t regulate your bladder. However, this issue may be resolved with the aid of better-fitting underwear that keeps you dry and cozy throughout the day and night. After experiencing thongs, there are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t ever go back to ordinary pants. These include advantages like improved comfort and confidence, not to mention the sensual vibe it has. Here are a few explanations for why you should continue wearing thongs and never go back to ordinary pants!

Result in Internal Organ Damage
Your internal organs may be harmed by routine pantie usage. The reproductive organs are the most often damaged, but regular poop may also harm the bladder, kidneys, and even the intestines. Regular underwear is extremely dangerous because it is made of synthetic materials that are impermeable to air. As a result, when you wear them, your body heat is trapped within, which may cause a variety of issues.

Hip and Lower Back Alignment is Affected
Start by giving up your normal underwear if you want improved alignment and fewer aches and pains. Why? Traditional underwear’s waistline may cut into your hips, causing misalignment and lower back discomfort. Some of these problems may be resolved by donning pants with a high-waisted silhouette. In addition to offering a better fit around the hips, this design also does away with the VPL (visible panty line), which many women find bothersome. In addition to preventing strain on the iliac crest and relieving pressure on the lower back from gravity pressing down on all that excess cloth close to your butt, a broad elastic band fits pleasantly over the top of your thighs. Therefore, there is a lower possibility of experiencing issues like sciatica or lumbar disc herniation! Bonus: You won’t have to worry about perspiring through your summery briefs made of thin cotton!

Increase Clumsiness
All of us have been there. You trip when out with friends or at a party. Or maybe your drink leaks. Whatever the situation, you are ashamed and it feels like everyone is staring at you. But what if I told you that you are no longer need to be concerned about those things? That’s true, you can bid your clumsiness farewell with period pants!

Causing Excruciating Bladder Infections
Infections of the bladder are often brought on by germs that enter the urethra and ascend to the bladder. Your chance of getting a bladder infection rises if you wear clothing that fits tightly against your skin and is not breathable. Additionally, it might irritate the delicate skin of your urethra and vulva, increasing your risk of infection. If you often have bladder infections, switching to more breathable underwear in place of your usual underwear may help you prevent further incidents.

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