Studies across the globe have shown iPads to improve student engagement as well as academic performance. IPads and other tablets have been found in 70% of Australian schools. There are more than 10 million iPads worldwide. School administrators should be more vigilant about selecting iPad cases that will protect their investments. IPad cases should offer students the opportunity to display their school spirit by being rugged, cost-effective, and customizable. Here are the top ten features you should look for in Ipad Cases For Schools.

1. Durability. As iPads are increasingly used in primary school settings, teachers and administrators need to look for cases that are durable and tough. Active children will drop, throw, and scratch cases. Children with smaller iPads may experience more wear and tear.

2. Protectibility. IPad cases are essential in protecting the screen of the device and its body from damage at school, at home, and on the school bus. Students’ iPads can be protected from the following with a quality case:

  • Playground dust and other debris
  • Water, milk, and various liquids
  • Fingerprints, scratches
  • Broken screens can occur from iPads falling.

3. Customizability. Ipad cases are an excellent way for students to show off their school spirit. One of the best ways to customize an iPad case is to feature a school’s logo on the front, sides, or back. The name of the school they are visible not only to students who use the iPads but to anyone who is in contact with them. Students who carry customized iPad cases can act as mini recruiters by becoming ambassadors for schools.

4. Functionality. IPads serve many purposes in schools. Teachers and students can use them to show videos and lessons. Students of all abilities and ages can use iPads. They are especially helpful in teaching students with learning difficulties who lack motor skills. School officials should investigate the following options, given the many uses for iPads:

  • Convertible iPad cases allow children access to content
  • EVA foam case to offer additional protection in a school setting
  • Carry your iPads safely and comfortably in a case with handles
  • Shockproof cases to protect from bumps

5. Aesthetics. While functionality and protection are crucial, the aesthetics of an iPad case are also important. Manufacturers should make it easy for customers to view and approve proofs of their designs and photos before they ship. Images should be clear and reflect the school’s color scheme. School logos, designs, and other graphics must be properly placed according to customer requests.

6. Features. You will need to consider three main factors when choosing an iPad case: The iPad’s model, the age range, and any special requirements for classroom use. A wide range of iPad cases, in varying sizes and materials, should be available to you from your iPad case supplier.

7. Affordability. iPad cases that look great, are durable, and offer many great features are useless to students if their price is prohibitive for school administrators. The manufacturer should offer discounts based on the volume of orders and frequency that your school places. Schools should receive special distributor pricing for wholesalers who sell iPads to schools. Manufacturers need to be sensitive to school purchasing requirements and should be willing to accept official purchase orders from educational institutions.

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