Baby rompers are a single-piece piece of clothing that has buttons or fasteners between their legs. This allows for quick nappy changes. Because of their comfort and ease of changing nappies, rompers are a favorite choice for babies. They also allow for full movement for crawling.

Baby Boy Rompers are the perfect clothing item for chilly days outdoors. They come in all different fabrics, including cotton and fleece, so you can find one that is both stylish and comfortable. Rompers are also a great way to keep your baby warm in cold weather.

Bespoke Baby traditional baby Rompers are hand-smocked, embroidered, and designed to be luxurious while still providing the comfort you expect from a romper.

Why Are Rompers So Good For Babies?

Rompers are very comfortable and can be worn as a single piece of clothing. This means that active babies will not get out of their clothes if they are wearing one.

Rompers with fasteners are also easy to put on and take down for nappy changes.

Bespoke Baby rompers are made from 100% cotton and can be machine washed at 30 degrees. This is something that every parent will appreciate for their newborns’ wardrobe and daily needs.

How To Make A Baby Romper?

There are two options when it comes to putting on a baby romper: bottom-to-top or top-to-bottom. Below, we’ll show you how to put on a baby Romper in either of these ways.


  • Place your romper in the right way.
  • Place each baby’s leg through one of the leg holes.
  • You can pull the romper up so that you have enough material to go on to the next step.
  • Place the collar over your baby’s head.
  • Place the arms of your baby through each one of the holes.
  • Secure the buttons between your legs once the romper has been fully put on.


  • Place your romper in the right way.
  • Place the collar of your romper on top of your baby’s head.
  • Place your baby’s arms one by one through the armholes of the romper sleeves.
  • You can pull the romper down so that you can finish putting it on.
  • Place each baby’s leg through one of the leg holes.
  • Secure the buttons between your legs once the romper has been fully put on.

What Size Should A Baby’s Romper Be?

It’s better to go up if you are unsure about the right size romper for your child. This will ensure a snug fit and allow for growth. Or rompers look great if your legs reach the knee or thigh. This will ensure that they can withstand a few growth spurts.

How To Dress A Romper For A Wedding Or Party?

Baby rompers are perfect for dressing your baby up for any occasion. Our 100% cotton rompers are perfect for party photos. They also offer a low chance of your baby getting upset during the day. If you’re looking for the perfect outfit to keep your little one entertained while you run errands or go on a family outing, a baby romper is a perfect option. These versatile clothing items can be worn in a variety of ways, making them perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities.

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