Is there a strange smell in your house? Is it taking too long for the sink to drain? You may have a blockage. But don’t panic! You can do drain unblocker tasks yourself, and you probably won’t need to hire an expert.

Your property’s external or internal drains could be blocked. It’s your responsibility for maintaining and repairing the drain if it is located within your property boundary. We recommend that you try it yourself if you are looking to save money.

Although outdoor drain problems are more difficult than your typical blocked sink, it is possible with the right tools. We have compiled a guide to help you unblock your drain.

Why Drain Outside Is Clogged?

People putting items down their drains that aren’t necessary can cause blockages. It is usually grease, food particles, and oil that block kitchen sink drains. However, hair and soap scum can block bathroom pipes. It is also important to think about what you flush down the toilet. Toilet paper, sanitary products, and wipes can block the pipes and cause havoc in your bathroom.

You can also block your drain outside with the same things that were mentioned. You should remember that they all go down the same pipes. It’s just that they get stuck in your drain outside.

You Can Also Block Your Drain With Leaves, Branches, And Soil.

To prevent your drains from becoming blocked, be aware of what you put down the sinks, toilets, and shower drain. Keep your garden and property exteriors clean and free of leaves and moss.

We recommend purchasing drain covers for outside drains if you don’t have them yet. These are grates that you can place on your drain openings to prevent debris like leaves, litter, and other items from getting into the drain and causing blockages.

How Do You Unblock A Drain

1. Take The Drain Cover Off

To open the cover, you may need a flat-head screwdriver. To give yourself more leverage, tie a rope around your cover if this fails.

2. Find The Source Of The Blockage

As much as you can with your hands, try to remove the blockage as much as possible. This is not an easy job, but it will make it much easier to remove the rest using a drain rod. It can make you feel good to think about the money you are saving by not needing to hire a professional drain unblocker. Put the bucket near the drain and start digging. Take out what you can and place it in your bucket.

3. Use Your Drain Rod

Apply pressure to the drain rod. The rod will need to be twisted in a clockwise manner into the blockage. If the blockage is large or stubborn, it may take some time to clear. Continue to twist and plunge until you feel comfortable – this indicates that the blockage has cleared.

Outside drain still blocked? It’s time to contact the professionals

You could be facing a major blockage if you have tried our guide to unblocking a sewage line but are still not able to get it to work. You should not be discouraged if you are unable to unblock a sewage drain.

Do not waste more time. Call a professional blocked drain plumber to unblock your drain. They will have the tools and the experience necessary to complete the job. The cost of drain unblocking will vary depending upon the severity of your problem. They may have to conduct a CCTV drain survey if the blockage is difficult to reach. This will add a bit more to their bill. Get a few quotes from several plumbers to compare and ensure you are getting a fair price.

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