Summer’s sunny days tend to attract more people outdoors than any other season. Summer tends to draw us outdoors more often than any other season, whether we’re spending long hours on the lake, going camping, or planning a backyard barbecue. Even if you are working indoors, summer can make you feel like the sun singing a song. Another thing you might have noticed is the way that the leaves outside can try to replicate all that sunshine. Most of the brightly coloured summer-blooming flowers are in harmony with the outdoors. Seasonal flowers will capture the spirit and joy of summer whether you are planning a wedding, a party, or just bringing some natural festiveness to a backyard barbecue.

Bold, Beautiful Flowers

Summer is the peak season for weddings. There are fewer rain showers in most areas of the country. When you combine that with warmer weather, summer is a more risk-free time to hold an outdoor wedding. Flowers and wedding bouquets made of seasonal flowers are a great way of bringing the season’s beauty into your celebration. You have options like sunflowers and spider-chrysanthemums as well as dahlias. If you prefer a more muted palette, consider peony and golden columbine as well as lavender and Japanese anemone. This is a great way for you to bring the sunshine of summer to any occasion (not only weddings).

Fresh Scents In The Air

Also, choosing seasonal arrangements will increase your chances of enjoying bolder, more vibrant scents. While florist Liverpool will do everything possible to source flowers locally, this isn’t always possible. If you select seasonal flowers, it means that the flowers are grown locally. The time between flower delivery and the cutting of local flowers is very short. Seasonal flowers are often stronger than those that have to be shipped in from elsewhere because they are fresh.

Lasting Beauty

Seasonal flowers also have the advantage of being long-lasting. The flowers that are in season are fresher than flowers that are not. Out-of-season flowers are typically shipped from another area, sometimes even further away. This will depend on the source of your florist’s flowers or whether they grow them. Seasonal flowers generally last longer, as they are fresher when they arrive at your doorstep.

Made For The Weather

Flowers that last longer are also more durable. This is why we recommend choosing seasonal flowers whenever possible. A winter-blooming plant will have a different tolerance than one that grows in the spring or summer. If you choose seasonal flowers, you are choosing flowers that can withstand extreme temperatures. The best way to ensure that your floral arrangements look fresh after being outside for a few hours is by using seasonal blooms. This is especially important for events like weddings and other outdoor celebrations where flowers must be set up in advance.

Higher Availability

This is the most valuable benefit for anyone who hosts a large party or wedding. The biggest problem with non-seasonal flowers is the inability to get enough flowers at a time when you are looking for a lot. By choosing seasonal flowers, you get blooms that grow naturally when you need them. This increases the likelihood that you will be able to obtain the exact quantities you require without incurring excessive costs. The availability of non-seasonal or tropical flowers is often limited because they need to be shipped from abroad. This can lead to additional costs and the need to plan.

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